Attention Builders: Dos And Don’ts Of A Contract To Build A New House

Attention Builders: Dos And Don’ts Of A Contract To Build A New House

If you are a licensed contractor who builds houses and commercial buildings you may want to read this. Building your own place and doing it for someone else are two entirely different things. You might wonder why some contractors are kept in high esteem by the public and some are downtrodden. It is not enough to just hire some workers and build a structure; you need to empathize with the commissioner of the task, that is, your client, to see in their perspective what sort of a result they expect. Since it is them, not you, who are going to live there for the rest of their lives, it is important to listen to them and try to execute their dream rather than follow your ideas.

Do you do sufficient marketing?

Any business needs promotion. If you are not out there, no matter how sturdy and creative your buildings are, no one will know about you. Therefore research your “market”, or client base; see where they refer to, to find a builder. You can advertise in local market places, magazines and newspapers. But for an extensive business such as this, word-of-mouth is the best marketing option. So always make sure you deliver a quality service to your existing clients. You can render a value-added service by performing tasks that might not be in your primary job functions, such as removing tree stumps using a hydraulic grab for excavator or giving the clients opinions about the sort of house they will be better off with given the nature of the land they have purchased.

Follow up

If ten people call your office asking for building services, two might call back for a quotation and zero will end up giving you the contract. This can be made positive by following up; train your staff to answer customer queries courteously and get their contact numbers. They should also be competent to choose from the lot, who are prospective and who are calling with no actual interest or need. The promising leads can then be followed up by a phone call, or you can even send them a proposal for the sort of house they are interested in. It is important to let them know that you value their ideas; if you provide designing services it is a must to mention that. In addition to their financing options, have some of your own contacts at the ready; you can easily talk to some banks and get information.

Use the best of everything

Again, this is a house or a building where humans will be dwelling which is expected to survive for a long time. You must have all relevant certifications of construction; better have them at the ready to show to your clients when they visit your office. Make sure you also have samples of building material you use, and they are of good quality of known brands. If they want to remove a building which is already in the land you can search for details of a demolition grab for sale and offer to do it for them for a nominal cost. Small touches as such will improve client’s confidence of you and bring in more clients.To make any business successful you need a good sense of customer service. When you exceed the expectations of your clients it will pave way for you to win more and more and have a well-known business in the country.