Take a look back at your childhood. What have been the fondest memories of all? If you were a child twenty years ago, your fondest memories would undoubtedly hold on to certain toys that yu loved with all your heart. At tender ages, parents usually shower their children with toys to keep them occupied. As a child, these help them to improve interaction and feel emotions. Therefore, as a parent, you too must follow on the footsteps of your own parents and let your kids have experience with toys. It is believed that for children, it is always better to keep them away from technology and to let them spend more of their time with toys like the ones mentioned below.


While cars seem to be the ideal fit for a little boy, it is believed that both boys and girls must be given these types of toys at a tender age. Although the toys may be categorized according to gender, you must always allow the children to have freedom on choosing what they prefer. Some children may even like to play with cars despite them being girls. Therefore, do not limit their access to toys; allow them to have a taste of each and everything until they can make their own decisions.


Once again, it is not fair to limit these toys to one gender of children. Children always require the freedom to choose what they please. Therefore, even at kids parties, you must allow boys and girls both play with dolls. As a child, you may have experienced a strong sense of emotions by playing with dolls. In fact, it is believed to bring out a maternal side of a little girl when playing with a doll. Therefore, dolls will be the key to achieving one’s maturity even at a younger age. Check out more here http://www.funtime4kidz.com.au/miranda_childrens_parties/

Building Blocks

This type of toy is most definitely not gender based. In fact, having interest in building blocks is a much better choice than going for laser tag Liverpool. Therefore, you mast always allow your child to experience and play with such building blocks. Th primary reason for the above statement is that these building blocks help a child to improve their mental health, critical thinking as well as creativity. Therefore, let your child explore all sides of his/her abilities, so that he/she can become a responsible citizen in the future.


Other toys could include guns, soft toys etc. However, it is advisable that you do not give your child a gun to his hand as it is a form of violence. Therefore, the best options of toys for your child are included in the above list where they will learn to love and respect through them while improving knowledge gradually.

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