Since the past decade, women are also educating and earning their income becoming individuals. They need not depend on others for their survival. In the past days, they use to depend on either the father or the husband to make their living. But they are standing equally with men today and are fighting for their rights. It is essential for every woman to be self-motivated and confident so that they can achieve anything. Even in the 21st century most of the women are still suffering from physical and mental abuse. Unfortunately, they do not dare to come out and complain against the culprits. The courts hear the arguments from both parties and then decide the accused as the culprit or not.

Especially in the corporate sector, it has become a trend to hire the women professionals as they work professionally without any allegations or issues. But men are men always, and today many women are facing the problems of sexual abuses. It is essential to open up and approach the sexual assault lawyer Penrith. When any such incidents happen with the girls, it is necessary to have moral support from the friends and family members. Then only they can be able to stand for justice in front of the court of law. Nowadays, many women welfare organizations have been working on women empowerment and our request for the support of legal aid from the governments.

It can be the responsibility of the governments to provide the security to the citizens living in the country so that they can have a live safe in the society without any fear. At the same time, the courts should be strict enough in punishing the culprits whoever involved in the rape and other abusing acts. The sexual abusing includes the acts like:

  • Force sex
  • Showing inappropriate visuals
  • Hurting in the private parts
  • Exposing
  • Encouraging porn
  • Demanding oral sex

Factors contributing the happening of abuse include:

Age-The elders and loud enough can force the small children to fulfill their desires which can be strong criminal acts.

Power-those who can have authoritative command can demand the acts that are not appropriate.

Coercion- those who are not able to stop the happening acts cannot confront the action because of their physical weakness.

Mental ill health – these people are the most common victims of the sexual assaults

All the lawyers Campbelltown are not efficient enough to handle such cases in the court of the law. They should have concern experience in dealing with the abuse incidents. At the same time, the governments should also take necessary action against these culprits who consider women or girls as the desired toys. Those who have been suffering from such incidents can disturb both mentally and physically. They are not becoming usual even after the days of counseling. They need to have the counseling sessions and the support from the society to become standard.